Western Audio Visual Technology Showcase Tour: City of Covina Council Chamber

Western Audio Visual (WAV) recently completed a design-build project for the City of Covina – Council Chamber. On special occasions after completing a project, we will host a Technology Showcase Tour.

In the case of City of Covina, we were lucky enough to do so!

Before we move on, some of you may be wondering – “Wait – what’s a Technology Showcase Tour?”

So let’s answer that question first.

What’s a Technology Showcase Tour?

Once we complete a project, we often work with the client afterwards to host a  Technology Showcase Experience Tour in order to feature the new or upgraded audio visual system.

We then invite the neighboring cities and municipalities to give them the opportunity to view a recently upgraded or newly integrated audio-visual system.

Furthermore, we want to give attendees the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed environment to the WAV team, as well as the City staff hosting the tour. The questions can cover why specific products were used, how the City selected Western Audio Visual as their integrator, or how long it took the City to budget for this project.

Now that we’ve answered that question let’s talk specifically about the City of Covina tour!

City of Covina Technology Tour

For the City of Covina Technology Showcase Experience Tour, the WAV team included Erik Wilson, Head of Engineering, Hailey Schellin, Account Executive, members of our Sales & Marketing team and members from our Security and Service team.

The tour began with introductions by Hailey and then transitioned into Erik reviewing our approach on the design-build of this project.  Erik provides in depth analysis of each sub-system and reviews why specific products were used over others.

In the case of City of Covina, the council chamber included a control system, voting system, two 90” displays and microphones and audio systems.

We had quite a few attendees at this event, but even then, we want to make sure all attendees get to have a hands-on experience with the system and give it a “test drive” of their own to see if it is something they may be interested in.

The guests were invited to sit at the dais for a hands-on experience of the technology installed at each position.  The guests were also able to demo the custom voting system that was designed by WAV.

Erik showed everyone how you can seamlessly and practically effortlessly cast your phone, tablet or laptop wirelessly to the system. By doing this, you can showcase whatever it is you’d like to present. From video to presentation to photos, the system can handle it.

The guests then migrated to the renovated control room to see an example of the operational flow of a council meeting.  This can give our guests inspiration for future projects and keeps them aware of technology that is currently available.

Attendees were also able to test the new microphones installed by Western AV.

At the conclusion of each tour, guests are given another opportunity to ask any additional questions they may have.  WAV also provides complimentary lunches to all the attendees.

In the case of City of Covina, we also did a raffle giveaway to attendees!

So why do we host Technology Showcase Tours?

Well, there’s a few reasons.

We like to host the Technology Showcase Experience Tours to not only provide information, but be a resource as well, for cities and municipalities that may have little guidance on where to begin.  We act as a resource by offering suggestions on what qualifications to look for when selecting a design-build integrator to make sure that their project will go as smooth as possible.

At WAV, we do our best to take the vision from the client and create a reality for them.  We do our best to accommodate the needs of our client and make sure that the solution includes the features they need most.  We want each client to feel comfortable with their new system and we aim to create each system as user friendly as possible.

If you would like to make sure you receive an invite to the next Technology Showcase Experience Tour, please contact Hailey Schellin at haileys@wav1.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Your Friends at Western Audio Visual