Chino Police Department Technology Experience Tour

Western Audio Visual & Security (WAVS) had the opportunity to work with Chino Police Department on a design-build project for a Real Time Crime Center.

Once the project was completed, the Chino Police Department allowed us to host a Technology Experience Tour to showcase the recently completed Crime Center and highlight specific audio-visual components.

Before we move on, some of you may be wondering – “Wait – what’s a Technology Experience Tour?”

Let’s begin with that question…

What is a Technology Experience Tour?

Once we complete a project, we work with the client to host a Technology Experience Tour in order to feature the new or upgraded audio visual system.

We invite city and municipality contacts in order to give them the opportunity to view a recently upgraded or newly integrated audio-visual system.

We want to give attendees the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed environment to the WAVS team, as well as the City staff hosting the tour. The questions can include topics such as, why specific products were used, how the City selected Western Audio Visual & Security as their integrator, or how long it took the City to budget for this project.

Now that we have answered that question, let’s move onto the specifics about the Chino Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center!

Technology Experience Tour


The Chino Police Department was an exciting client to work with since their Real Time Crime Center was one of the first ones we had designed and built.

The room consists of multiple displays nearly covering an entire wall. To be precise, this video wall is in a 2 x 5 configuration of 55” (Christie) LCD displays. This video wall has the capability to show multiple sources including: The city-wide cameras running from a workstation and cable TV or anything they would like to display from the workstations.

The (Christie Phoenix) processing unit that Western Audio Visual & Security installed gives the end-user the flexibility to drag and drop sources on the wall, create each source to whatever size on the wall, or even utilize some presets that provide the sources in a configuration they city uses on a day-to-day basis.


From the city’s workstations, they can show multiple traffic cameras and city cameras to help monitor high-crime areas or to review footage on cameras shortly after a crime is committed.

They also have a smart board in the real time crime center that allows them to zoom in on a live active map. This live active map software not only displays regular car/freeway traffic, but also flight patterns, Twitter activity and street cameras, all with an interactive screen using their fingers or stylus.

For this specific Technology Experience Tour, we had multiple people who attended that were especially interested in upgrading their own systems. Some of those attendees work in Traffic Management Centers, while others work in Emergency Operations Centers. Although their roles are different, the audio-visual systems installed in each of those types of rooms have similar end goals. It was great for our attendees to interact with the City of Chino Police Department to discuss ideas they have for their own systems, software, purchasing protocols, or even how they selected Western Audio Visual & Security to be their integrator.

Real Time Crime Centers are an up-and-coming space for several Police Departments. The City of Chino Police Department is leading the way in the design and implementation of their very own Real Time Crime Center. As mentioned earlier, Western Audio Visual & Security was very excited to work side-by-side with the City of Chino Police Department on this project, as it was one of our first Real Time Crime Center projects.

Together, the City of Chino Police Department and Western Audio Visual & Security made a great team in designing and building an amazing system.

So why do we host Technology Experience Tours?

In the case of the Chino Police Department, we found it very important to showcase this specific installation to new and existing clients, so that they can see the available technology that can aid in their own designs possibly for a Traffic Management Center or an Emergency Operation Center.

Technology Experience Tours are an opportunity for us provide information and a way for us to show that we can also be a great resource as well for cities and municipalities that may have little guidance on where to begin with their design.  We can offer suggestions such as what qualifications to look for when selecting a design-build integrator in order to make sure that their project will go as smooth as possible.

At WAVS, we do our best to take the vision from the client and help create a reality for them.  We do our best to accommodate the needs of our client and make sure that the solution includes the features they need most.  We want each client to feel comfortable with their new system and create each system as user friendly as possible.

Each of our tours are scheduled once a project is completed and we usually offer one tour a quarter.

If you would like to make sure you receive an invite to the next Technology Experience Tour, please contact Hailey Schellin at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Your Friends at Western Audio Visual & Security